In the year 1993, Onsite testing procedures for Microbiological as well as Analytical parameters was tedious & specialized activity. Then four visionary with combined experience joined hands to make life easy & simple for process industry segment by developing onsite easy to use Testing equipments.

They began the journey in small flat of 500 sq feet, with the state of the art product BACTASLYDE, a microbiological testing device which made microbiological testing extremely easy & simple.

The millennium 2000 was the year in which the company introduced an innovative range of analytical testing kits for a wide range of water testing parameters. Later in 2006 company introduced in the basket a range of chemical formulations, for industrial water treatment viz. cooling systems, boiler systems, RO Plant, sugar Industry & firesides additives.

These formulations are backed by in-house R&D & the company is not only known for its products but also for the technical services, it affords to its large clientele. In the year 2013 the company realized need of digitizing the conventional testing methods and started manufacturing a wide range of Digital Instruments like handheld meters, portable testers, bench top meters etc.