Drinking Water Kit

Water contaminated with bacteria is a major cause of water-borne disease in humans. Enteric diseases like diarrhoea dysentery typhoid paratyphoid gastroenteritis cholera etc. are caused by tiny menaces viz bacteria. Detecting these dangerous but unseen predators is quite a tough task and normally it is the domain of the white-coated microbiologist who works amidst sterile conditions and a lot of hush-hush secrecy. No longer! Modern science has now made testing so easy and convenient. Just do it yourself Our unique water potability test kit helps you detect the coliform group of bacteria with ease and convenience. These coliform bacteria are found in sewage as they are present in the intestines of man and animals and are generally accompanied by harmful disease-causing bacteria. ChekNsee helps to check water from all kinds of sources viz. taps purifiers coolers storage tanks rivers ponds springs etc. This extremely simple and convenient test can be carried out by anybody anywhere i.e. homes offices factories shops banks hospitals hotels schools etc.

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