Bench Top TDS & PH Meter

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Range: 0 - 100 Ms/Cm & 0 - 14 PH

GTIN: 8906172191350




We have specially developed an accurate high performance and multipurpose meter for detailed analyses of TDS / Conductivity / PH / Salt in industries. These meters measure temperature and are available with built in stirrer which enhances the measuring performance and provides highly accurate readings. The meters has a multi parameter option i.e. same meter can analyse pH or ORP by just connecting a pH or ORP electrode. Understanding the need for a multi-parameter for laboratory use and we have designed a compact spill proof and high performance bench top meter.


  • Advance Microprocessor based with rugged housing and splash-proof keyboard.
  • Built-in Stirrer function platform with electrode holder for convenience.
  • Large LCD display for multi-parameter display simultaneously.
  • Built-in ATC (Automatic Temperate Compensation).
  • Advance Storage / Memory function with USB Connectivity.


Model ABTDS01
Parameter pH ORP Conductivity TDS Salinity Temp Stirrer
Range (-)2.00 to 16.00 +/- 1999 mV 0 to 100 mS/cm 0 to 66.0 ppt 0 to 50 ppt 0 to 110 Deg C Varialble RPM and Timer
Accuracy ±1% ±2% ±1% ±1% ±1% ±2% NA
Resolution 0.01 pH 1 mV 0.1mS 0.1 PPM 0.1PPM 0.1 NA
Sensor (Default) pH electrode (AMEPHLG) and Conductivity/TDS Sensor (AMECNLGD4) and and Temperature Sensor (AMETBENCH) are provided along with the meter. To measure ORP kindly purchase separate electrode (AMEORLG).



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