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Range: 0 - 15000 PPM

GTIN: 8906172192319


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For easy and simple on site testing of COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) we have a specially designed portable meter which enables a user to analyse COD on site with higher accuracy. Our COD Meter is an Closed refulx method based portable unit that comes with ABS housing and LCD display and all useful accessories enabling users to perform COD test easy and quick. This meter is USEPA compliant and is ideal for COD measurement in wastewater and fresh water in ponds and lakes and determination of detailed COD anyisis in laboratories.


  • Microprocessor based fast and reliable and accurate measurements.
  • Suitable for Standard Vial Size
  • USEPA Compliant Closed Refulx Method
  • Desinged for Wide Range (Upto 15000 MG/L)
  • Fast Detection with Large LCD display.
  • Memory and Storage function


Model APCOD01
Range Low: 3-150 mg/I Medium: 20-1500 mg/I High 200-15000 mg/I
Wavelength 420 - 610 nm
Accuracy ± 3% of FS < 1500 mg/L and ± 5% of FS > 1500 mg/L
Response Time < 3 seconds
Power 9V DC Power Adaptor or DC 9V Battery
Dimension 230 x 125 x 85 mm
Meter Weight 310 g




Good Product

Feb 10, 2022 at 07:02 AM

Reliable and efficient

Jan 28, 2023 at 02:01 AM

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